Uneeda Burger is Addictive

Burgers and more with an eye on every detail.

I’ve been waiting since deep, dark winter, when Uneeda Burger opened, to plant myself on its sunset-facing patio on a warm summer night.

With a burger made from local meat topped with, say, roasted chile relish, pepper jack cheese and cilantro (that’s the Sonora, $8) and a pint of Odin’s ruby ale, it’d be tough to find a better rear-end parking spot.

Owner Scott Staples (Zoë, Quinn’s) and his team take extra care to cook burgers to your liking; that means burgers cooked medium are pink inside, and medium-rare orders drip the red juices.

I’ve had almost all of them, but the lamb burger here is my kryptonite: griddled peppers and onions, Manchego cheese, fried lemons and lamb so perfectly lamby it brought tears to my eyes. It’s $12, but I swear, it’s worth it.

The onion rings ($4) are greasy and addictive, and the waffle fries ($2.50) are fun to eat, but I found the regular fries ($2.50) a little lackluster. Of course, if you order the poutine (those same fries ladled with beef gravy and cheese, $6) and—oh why not?—an Oreo milkshake ($5), you’re not likely to notice anything but how right it feels to eat like a kid with the sun shining down.

Lunch and dinner daily. 4306 Fremont Ave.; 206.547.2600; uneedaburger.com. $