Weight Loss Tracking Tools

| Updated: November 27, 2018

!--paging_filter--pNumerous research studies show that journaling and tracking daily activity doubles your chances of success in weight loss, so when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle, technology can be your BFF. There are many popular apps that help you track nutrition and exercise and offer rewards as well as peer support and motivation. Many are free and available online via your computer as well as for download to your favorite mobile devices./p
pRecommended by Dr. Rick Lindquist, a bariatric physician at Swedish Weight Loss Services, this app is both a calorie counter and a physical activity tracker. It’s fast and easy to use, and contains more than 1 million foods in its database, from Stouffer’s macaroni and cheese to restaurant menu items and basics such as eggs, chicken breasts and 2 percent milk. a href="http://www.myfitnesspal.com/"myfitnesspal.com/a/p
pThis Seattle-based app keeps you moving with rewards. Track your walking, biking or soccer field action and earn points that go toward local merchandise, gift cards and even lower health care premiums through partner LifeWise Health Plan of Washington. a href="https://everymove.org/"everymove.org/a/p
pA popular app with no commercial affiliations, it is completely free and totally supportive, with diet forums and tools, support groups, recipe sharing, food and exercise diaries, and an awesome food database for tracking calories. a href="http://fatsecret.com/"fatsecret.com/a/p