Wild Salmon at Etta's

Allison Scheff devours Etta’s early season salmon.

In June, the Pike Place Market comes fully alive: Vendors’ tables are crowded with grassy snap peas, ruby red and golden beets, and bundles of fragrant sweet pea flowers (just $5). And, of course, there’s that one item you’ve been waiting for all year: chubby early-season wild salmon, glistening on ice at every one of the fishmonger stands. So it’s a no-brainer to walk down to Etta’s for a piece of the freshest catch, rubbed with spices and grilled to a rosy, barely set medium—the flesh fairly slides apart with the touch of your fork. At this time of year, you’ll likely see it served with lacinato kale, or Yakima asparagus or green beans ($20—$26). No matter: That lush river-caught salmon is the main attraction, and a sure sign that summer is here at last.

2020 Western Ave.; 206.443.6000; tomdouglas.com.