Check out Amplifier's Powerful 'Power to the Polls' Poster Campaign

The nonprofit arts organization commissioned more than 50 artworks from gender-nonconforming and female-identifying artists
POLITICAL PARTY: Along with a self-portrait (second), Duazo's subjects are real Washingtonians involved in political causes, such as Kim Wyman (third), Washington Secretary of State.

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Remember those iconic “We the People” posters used during the Women’s March way back in January 2017, the ones featuring images by artists such as Shepard Fairey? They were commissioned by Amplifier, a Seattle-based arts organization that works with artists, educators and the public to raise awareness surrounding social and political issues. The images here, by Seattle’s Raychelle Duazo (@bombchelle), are from its November “Power to the Polls” campaign, commissioned, along with more than 50 other artworks, from gender-nonconforming and female-identifying artists to recast the classic “Uncle Sam.” Download them for free at


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