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Publisher’s Note: A Different Seattle Nice

Launching a new era of kindness and respect

Hey! Who Killed Nice? And for that matter, has anyone seen Civility, Kindness and Manners? I jest, of course, but I…

Jonathan Sposato

Life in the Sea Suite

Jeffrey Linn takes a decidedly long view on climate change

Jeffrey Linn blends the mentality of an artist with the mind of a scientist to create what he calls a…

Rob Smith

Temperatures Rising

The urgency to move quickly on climate efforts is palpable in Seattle

As the world warms and catastrophic climate events unfold around the globe, Seattleites worry, hope, and act in ways big…

Heidi Mills

Intentional Inclusion

Ruchika Tulshyan urges companies to do the hard work necessary to create meaningful change

Ruchika Tulshyan moved to Seattle because her husband got a job at Amazon. Nine years later, he’s still there. Tulshyan’s…

Rob Smith

How The West Was Spun

Whatcom Museum exhibit seeks to correct enduring myths

Much of what you know about the Old West is a myth. A new exhibit at the Whatcom seeks to…

Rob Smith

Fave Five

Apparel, Art, Ice Cream, Music

1 SATISFY your fashion appetite with sustainable luxury. Sell Your Sole Consignment features only mint condition women’s designer clothing and…

Heather Lowenthal

Letter to Seattle: Inspiring Imagination

Cornish helped budding artist embrace her creativity

Letter to Seattle is a new feature highlighting the good deeds and positive experiences in our region. This is a…

Liz Tran

Reading Seattle’s ‘The Rocket’

A soaring journey through the early history of Seattle’s legendary magazine of music and culture

Shortly before Nirvana released its epic album “Nevermind,” a publicist for Geffen Records asked the band members how they might…

Todd Matthews

Books: ‘Outrage to Activism’

‘Undercurrents’ urges readers to look beyond the surface

Steve Davis is executive strategic adviser for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is a lecturer on social innovation…

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