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Time Warp: ‘Seattle’ Magazine Cover Still Relevant, Five Decades Later

Magazine cover from 1968 still applicable today

Rising prices. Concern over firearms. The above cover from “Seattle” magazine is from September 1968, but it’s sadly just as…

Rob Smith

Book Excerpt: ‘Cotton Teeth’

When I was 28 years old, I was diagnosed with a late-stage cancer and given a prognosis of “three months…

Glenn Rockowitz

Seattle’s Inclusionary Future

What if everyone is important?

Editor’s note: Brenda Cooper is a Kirkland-based short-story writer, poet and futurist who has written 10 novels. Her most recent…

Brenda Cooper

Refract Glass Art Event Returns to Seattle

Seattle is known as the glass capital

One of the nation’s most anticipated celebrations of glass art will be held in Seattle Oct. 13-16. Refract: The Seattle…

Rob Smith

Coming Up, Coming Out: One Seattle Doctor’s Tale

‘Making the Rounds’ examines love and life

Patricia Grayhall’s memoir was a half-century in the making. Grayhall, a retired Seattle medical doctor, just released Making the Rounds:…

Patricia Grayhall

Taiwanese home cooking meets the Midwest

Frankie Gaw’s cookbook celebrates Asian-American identity through food

When Frankie Gaw came out to his mom in his 20s, he didn’t know what to expect. With Asian immigrant…

JiaYing Grygiel

Seattle Artifacts: The Spotify of its Day

The Multiphone was Puget Sound’s first streaming music service

Deep in the heart of Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood sits a turn-of-the-century brick building that was originally used as horse stables…

Brad Holden

Fall arts: A roundup of arts events around Seattle

Lots to take in

Here’s a quick roundup of major arts events happening this fall. The region’s oldest community orchestra is preparing for perhaps…

Seattle Mag

Art Off The Chart

Two cities stand out for their art purchases

Bellevue art lovers gravitate toward oil paintings. Those in Seattle tend to favor sea and sky landscapes. Regardless of taste,…

Rob Smith

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