Miley Cyrus is Super Pumped About Jenny Durkan Becoming Seattle’s Mayor

By Michael Rietmulder

November 8, 2017

The pop star took to Twitter to celebrate Seattle electing its first woman mayor since the 1920s.

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Liam Hemsworth

Like a political wrecking ball, Jenny Durkan appears to have landed a decisive victory over Cary Moon in Tuesday’s election. Moon is yet to concede and while the last-minute votes still being counted are expected to favor her, it’s unlikely to be enough to overcome the 21-point lead Durkan had Tuesday night.

The former U.S. Attorney is poised to become Seattle’s first woman mayor since the 1920s and the first openly gay woman to hold the office. Durkan’s win ends a turbulent mayoral race that saw more than 20 candidates vying to replace Mayor Ed Murray, whose shoo-in reelection bid was sunk by scandal.

At her election night party packed with labor supporters, Durkan reveled in her anticipated victory. “Ninety-two years later, Seattle is about to have a new woman mayor. Just imagine what they’re going to blame on me,” she joked, according to the Seattle Times.

Besides the teamsters and other traditional Democrat backers celebrating her win, Durkan earned some love from one of pop music’s biggest stars. On Wednesday morning, Miley Cyrus sent a congratulatory tweet hailing Durkan’s election.

“Yasss #JennyDurkan ! Last time Seattle elected a woman as mayor was in the ‘20s & she is an out lesbian determined to do great things! Awesome role model! Congrats! @happyhippefdn,” the singer wrote.

Had Moon secured the coveted Beyoncé endorsement, perhaps it would’ve been a closer race. Then again, Seattle seems to prefer fairer-skinned pop stars.


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