Seattle’s Iconic Landmark Wows With World’s First Revolving Glass Floor 玻璃城堡:耗资1亿美元翻新的西雅图经典地标以全球首个旋转玻璃地板惊艳亮相

西雅图地标太空针塔带来全新的玻璃体验 Seattle’s iconic Space Needle provides a new glassy experience

太空针塔——西雅图最具标志性的地标之一,也是西雅图市中心天际线上识别度最高的建筑——最近经历了耗1亿美元的翻新,终为游客和西雅图市民带来一场令人振奋的全新体验。上层的新特色包括外部玻璃屏障以及略微倾斜的玻璃给您一种漂浮在空中的错觉。在下层,游客可以踏上全球史无前例的旋转玻璃地the Loupe (放大镜) ,俯视500英尺以下的地面——就算是胆小者恐怕也难以抗拒这一体验。太空针塔最为壮美也最一览无余的当地景观,包括奥利匹克和喀斯卡特山脉、市中心、艾略特湾、以及华盛顿湖。 

观景台层有两家咖啡屋。位于上层观景台的Atmos Café提供小吃、三明治、以及其它便餐,有当地精酿啤酒、葡萄酒、以及咖啡。位于下层观景台的Atmos Wine Bar下午和晚上开放,提供啤酒、葡萄酒、以及各类美食和小吃。另有一家全套服务餐厅近期将开业,至发稿时,开业时间未定西雅图中心 (Seattle Center), 400 Broad St.; 206.905.2100;; 周一至周四 10:00AM – 8:00PM; 周五至周日 9:00AM – 9:00PM 

The Space Needle—one of Seattle’s most iconic landmarks and the most recognizable feature in the downtown skyline—has recently undergone $100 million in renovations, culminating in an exciting new experience for visitors and Seattle residents alike. The new features at the upper level include exterior glass barriers and glass benches that are slightly tilted, giving the illusion that you’re floating in the air. On the lower level, visitors can step onto the Loupe, the world’s first revolving glass floor, and peek down more than 500 feet to the ground below—an experience that even the faint-hearted may not be able to resist. The Space Needle offers some of the most breathtaking and expansive vistas of the region, including the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges, downtown, Elliott Bay, and Lake Washington. 

There are two cafes on the observation deck level. Located on the upper observation level, the Atmos Café offers small bites, sandwiches, and other light eats, along with local craft beer, wine, and coffee. On the lower observation deck, the Atmos Wine Bar, open in the afternoon and evening, features beer, wine, and various savory bites and snacks. A full-service restaurant is expected to open soon, though no opening date was available at press time. Seattle Center, 400 Broad St.; 206.905.2100;; Monday-Thursday: 10:00AM – 8:00PM; Friday-Sunday: 9:00AM – 9:00PM 

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