Tell Me About That Track: March to May’s “She”

By Gwendolyn Elliott


April 17, 2017

Folk songwriting duo Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche perform as March to May. Here, they discuss a single from their latest album, Through the Night. The pair plays this Thursday at the Triple Door with Devin Sinha. 

Name of Band: March to May

Name of Track: “She”

What’s the story of the band? We met by chance as Craigslist housemates, without the slightest hint of a musical connection. A month later, in late December 2012, we took a trip with some friends to a remote section of the Washington coast, and Darren playing his guitar and singing around a bonfire. Under the influence of the clear wintry sky and too much mulled wine, Beth started harmonizing, and the musical spark began. A few weeks later we took ourselves away to the San Juan Islands to see if writing music together was even a possibility, and came away with our first two songs and enough starts to keep us busy for awhile. It’s crazy to think that less than a year later we were back in the islands filming our first music video, and just a few months after that we were recording together for the first time. We haven’t slowed down since.

What’s the story of the track? 
We head out to the islands around Seattle to write as often as we can, staying in tucked-away cabins to help inspire our writing. We found a place perched high on the west-facing bluffs of Whidbey Island last spring with vast, endless views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Peninsula. It was a pretty spectacular place to be, and out there on a rare sunny day, we felt this deep sense of time both passing quickly and not at all. We started laying the foundation for “She,” and wrote it in an afternoon. The lyrics touch on the funny, sometimes bittersweet relationship we have with age, and with the versions of ourselves we never had time to become. They’re not about regret, per se, but to borrow a line from Cheryl Strayed, some ships sail, and all we can do is salute them from the shore.

What’s next? We’re releasing our debut album, Through the Night, this month, and are so excited to be holding our release show at the Triple Door on April 20. It’s one of our favorite venues in Seattle, and we can’t imagine a better place to celebrate the new songs. We’ve got a few amazing projects following the release that we can’t wait to share. After that? More shows, more songwriting, more adventures and more songs!

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