Olson Kundig’s King Street Station Project: Q&A With Design Principal Kirsten R. Murray

The ubiquitous Seattle architect team will design a cultural hub at King Street Station

A rendition of King Street Station


Seattle’s Hall of Fame: Food and Beverage, Beauty, Music, Arts and Culture and Books

Howard Schultz

‘A Raisin in the Sun’ is Well Worth Your Time

The Seattle Repertory's production features outstanding performances that resonate

Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako (Beneatha Younger), Mia Ellis (Ruth Younger), Denise Burse (Lena Younger), Catalino Manalang (Travis Younger), Richard Prioleau (Walter Lee) in A Raisin in the Sun at Seattle Repertory Theatre.

Seattle Opera’s Production of Hansel & Gretel Gets a Comedic Twist

Humperdinck’s Hansel & Gretel Returns To Seattle Opera

The age-old story of Hansel & Gretel gets a comedic twist in Seattle Opera’s production, opening October 15

SAM’s Fall Exhibition Celebrates Iconic Couturier Yves Saint Laurent

The new show spotlights one of fashion’s most iconic designers

Legendary couturier Yves Saint Laurent in his studio fitting one of his muses, Indian supermodel Kirat Young, in a toile look from his fall-winter 1977 haute couture collection


The PNB Dances into SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park

Don't miss the chance to catch this en plein air ballet performance

Seattle Art Museum’s Olympic Sculpture Park, with its sweeping views of Elliott Bay, is always an enchanting place to enjoy a warm summer evening surrounded by art. This month, it will host several new works of art when Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) presents “Sculptured Dance” on August 11. As part of the museum’s Summer at…


Duwamish Revealed: A Celebration of Seattle’s Only River

The Duwamish gets an arts and culture festival devoted to its revival

Standing in a pretty park on the west bank of the Duwamish River on an unseasonably warm day in June, it’s impossible to ignore a tremendous crashing sound coming from the abutting industrial area. It’s as if iron chains are being tossed into an empty shipping container, or maybe tons of rocks are being poured…


The Inaugural Seattle Art Fair Opens This Month

The Seattle Art Fair brings a Biennale vibe to the Northwest

Presumably, one of the cool things about being Paul Allen is having enough money to fund all of your interests. The Microsoft cofounder has invested heavily in his hobbies, including planes (Flying Heritage Collection), brains (Allen Institute for Brain Science), music, sci-fi and moviegoing (EMP Museum and Cinerama). But he’s also an avid art collector,…


Inside the Mind of Mad Music Scientist Trimpin

A musical genius takes the Seattle Symphony into the digital age

Aside from the pink flamingos flanking the walkway, there’s nothing particularly telltale about the exterior of the studio where one of Seattle’s musical masterminds works his mad science. But just over the threshold, visitors are plunged into the inimitable world of Trimpin, the sound artist, composer, instrument inventor and MacArthur genius who goes by his…


Your 2015 Spring Arts Guide

45 arts events--theater, music, film and more--to experience this spring

Among the many signs that spring has arrived are the wealth of excellent performances, exhibits and concerts suddenly competing for space in our calendars. Will you get to know a Lizard Boy, indulge in Splurge Land or buckle up with Chastity Belt? We recommend all three—and 42 more arts events—in our guide to the best…


What’s Next for the Harvard Exit

Seattle’s Harvard Exit succumbs to the city’s new priorities

The Harvard Exit, which screened its final film in mid-January, didn’t start out as an art house movie theater. The Woman’s Century Club (WCC), a group of progressive Seattle women founded in 1891, had the building constructed as a clubhouse for its burgeoning membership (which included Seattle Mayor Bertha Landes). A WCC history book explains…


‘Now I’m Fine’ Balances Dramatic Personal Stories with Humor

With a performance wrought from his darkest days, it’s Ahamefule J. Oluo’s time to shine

“There’s sometimes a misconception that this is an uplifting show,” Ahamefule “Aham” Oluo says. A smile curls at the edges of his deadpan voice, but it comes from a place of sincerity, not scorn. His tall frame folded into a café chair at a coffee shop in his neighborhood, Columbia City, he is discussing his…

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Publisher’s Note: The True Seattle Influencers

Forget social media. These are the real heroes.

In-flu-ence /ˈinflo͝oəns/. The power or capacity of causing an effect in indirect or intangible ways. An emanation of spiritual or moral force. An ethereal fluid held to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of humans. With all the attention on “influencers” on social media, I think we’ve lost the true meaning of…

Photography by Grant Hindsley

Every Car Has a Story: ‘I don’t own cars. They own me.’

Blake Siebe takes a most unusual approach to car collecting

There are two kinds of car collectors. The vast majority fit into a sort of “check box” mentality of acquiring cars anointed by others as collector worthy. In contrast, a rare category of car collectors, I might venture to say, are the true cognoscenti who discover vehicles that no one is yet appreciating. They relish in…