Seattle Installation Artists SuttonBeresCuller Throw a Surprise Party at On the Boards

Tonight is opening night of the new season at local performance venue On the Boards, and I’m thrilled to go see … well… I have no idea what I’ll be seeing, actually, but I’m excited for the surprise. At some point mid-summer, Seattle installation artists SuttonBeresCuller (John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler) were given…

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Charlie and Benita Staadecker Create a Lasting Arts Legacy

The local couple is on a mission to commission new work by Seattle artists.

Charlie and Benita Staadecker should come with a warning label: Contact with contents may result in channeling all your discretionary income into funding artistic projects. As endearing as they are enthusiastic, the Seattle couple is out to prove that commissioning art isn’t just for Vanderbilts and Guggenheims—it’s actually within reach for “ordinary people”—and it may…

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Megan Griffiths’ “The Off Hours” Mesmerizes Sundance

Homegrown Indie Film a Masterful Mood Piece

It seems that Seattle’s film community may have finally arrived on the national stage with the stunningly wan production of The Off Hours, a film born and (in)bred in Washington State under the keen directorship of local veteran filmmaker Megan Griffiths. I was lucky enough to catch the film’s premiere at the Sundance Film Festival…

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