August 2018

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A dynamic group of local retailers offer a range of vegan, eco-friendly products, with no knock to style or allure

A master pastry chef delights with a super simple French dish

At a family-run Mexican restaurant on Holman Road, time stands sweetly still

In her new book, former Amazon employee Kristi Coulter examines life without alcohol

Dozens of vendors are setting up shop on the second and last Saturday of every month

River floats, hot springs and perfect paddling a short drive away

They’re not as common here as in Yellowstone, but our thermal waters are worth seeking out

A 16-mile stretch of the Yakima River is popular with float fans

If you walked from one Seattle concert to the next, how many miles would you walk?

A ride down the Wenatchee delivers chills, thrills—and family bonding moments

Philly native Nato Thompson says this year’s fourth annual expo will explore changing forces within Seattle’s art scene

Plus: when to go, what to wear and how far they are from Seattle

The simple pleasures of sand and water attract day-trippers to Jetty Island near Everett

Seattle magazine editors and writers chose their favorite Sub Pop tracks for this playlist celebrating the legendary record label's 30th anniversary

At her Slip Rabbit studio, ceramic artist Timea Tihanyi pursues the possibilities of 3-D printed pottery with the "Potterbot"

A Gulf Islands trip delivers a calming adventure with thrills of a different kind

How Sub Pop, a scrappy independent record label with the slogan ‘Going Out of Business Since 1988’ established the ‘Seattle sound,’ weathered the volatile music business and continues to make its mark on the city--30 years and counting

Founded on April Fools’ Day, Sub Pop has taken the date to heart, pulling notorious pranks over the years. Here are a few classic examples

A highly abridged version of the label’s notable cultural contributions

And six places in the city where you can rent a kayak

Bone up on your Sub Pop history with this tour of the city’s label-affiliated sights

Take a stand to experience the Northwest in a whole new way

For beginner, intermediate, and advanced paddlers

Sub Pop albums are defined by a certain aesthetic, and for the past 24 years, the label’s creative director, Jeff Kleinsmith, has helped convey it through the label’s record covers. Here, he waxes on a few favorites

Pitch your tent or park your RV at one of these waterfront or water-view spots, where you’ll wake up to the soothing sounds of lakes, falls, rivers, or the sea

If you're ready to stop renting and take the plunge on a new purchase, here's where to start

Seattle experienced a midlife crisis 30 years ago, says Knute Berger. Are we having another one today?

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All the winners from the 13th Annual Seattle Magazine Wine Awards

This year’s award-winning wines prove you don’t have to spend a fortune to drink well

Featuring the Washington state winners and finalists from our 2018 wine awards

More than a dozen experts help us select the best Washington wines of the year