Bakery Nouveau Makes a Sublime Splash on Capitol Hill

By Seattle Mag

October 10, 2013

Expect the same West Seattle-style long lines at BN's new Capitol Hill locale

This article originally appeared in the October 2013 issue of Seattle Magazine.

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Josie Simonet

The line has been out the door at pastry chef William Leaman’s West Seattle Bakery Nouveau ever since it opened in 2006, and when the Capitol Hill locale debuted in the spring in a long-deserted space, it didn’t take long for lines to snake out the door there, too. But those queues aren’t for the croissants and Danish; nearby Inès Patisserie and Crumble & Flake do superior versions of those. What’s worth cooling your heels for are the excellent sandwiches—a BLT with Brie cheese and peppery bacon on a baguette or a messy focaccia sandwich bursting with roasted veggies (both, $7.70)—and the exquisitely decorated cakes decked out with chocolate ribbons, candied fruits and luminous glazes. Pay special attention to the mousse cakes, whipped to a heavenly texture and sublime as can be. Breakfast and lunch daily. Capitol Hill, 1435 E John Court, Suite 137; 206.858.6957;


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