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Welcome Summer With Queen City’s Pineapple Riesling Daiquiri

Inspired by a classic, rum and natural wine come together in a refreshing seasonal hit

SUNNY DELIGHT: Myles Burroughs originally created his twist on a classic daiquiri as a daily drink special for Queen City

AJ Rathbun

Cocktail of the Month: Get a Taste of Spring at Bellevue’s Civility & Unrest

A blooming array of herbs gives this drink a taste of springtime

GARDEN VARIETY: Bartender Jessie Yoskin dips into the herbs at Civility & Unrest to create a refreshing botanical drink

AJ Rathbun

Cocktail of the Month: A Smoky Play on the Negroni at Seattle’s Coltiva

The newly popular Negroni provides inspiration for this smoky cocktail

This article appears in print in the April 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. The History: Fifteen years ago, while at a bar in New York City, I had to explain what the Negroni was. Now, there’s a Negroni Week celebrated worldwide, and many bars offer their own variations on the classic Italian drink. The Negroni was…

AJ Rathbun

Enjoy Fog Room’s Velvety Egg-White Cocktail With a Killer View

Take in the bar’s expansive views of Elliott Bay and downtown while savoring The Whisper in the Wind

SEEING CLEARLY: A cloud of egg whites top Jesse Cyr’s The Whisper in the Wind cocktail, on the menu at Fog Room, a bar atop The Charter Hotel

AJ Rathbun

Cocktail of the Month: A Play on the Aperol Spritz at Seattle’s Cloud Room Bar

Aperitivos are all the rage, but this twist on the spritz works any time of day

This article appears in print in the February 2019 issue. Click here to subscribe. The History: We can mainly thank the Italian spritz, sometimes called spritz Veneziano or Aperol spritz (it features the slightly bitter Italian aperitif known as Aperol, together with prosecco and soda), for driving the popularity of spritzes, both in Italy and elsewhere abroad. Today, there are…

AJ Rathbun

ID’s Dynasty Room Woos With This Wine Cocktail

A creative combo of smoldering mezcal and sparkling rosé delivers a memorable cocktail

WHIP SMART: At the Dynasty Room, bar manager Michael Chu has created a menu of creative cocktails using tea- or herb-infusions, like the Watch Me Nay Nay

AJ Rathbun

Cocktail of the Month: A Perfect Drink for Fall at Black Cat Bar in Belltown

Calvados brandy provides the base for a cocktail that sings a delicious seasonal song

Fine Diving: Black Cat may have the attitude of a dive bar, but owner Dustin Haarstad’s bartending skills make sure it doesn’t drink like one

AJ Rathbun

The Bellevue Bar Mixing Up Asian-Inspired Craft Cocktails

This invigorating drink’s Asian legacy and intriguing flavors make it a Bellevue gem

Bellevue’s Peony bar manager Joe Budharaksa helped craft the fruit-forward Song at Midnight cocktail

AJ Rathbun