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Union Saloon Brings Small-Town Vibe, Better Food to Wallingford

Seattle restaurant vet Michelle Magidow found a winning Western formula with her new project.

Don’t skip the cakes, like this German chocolate behemoth.

AJ Rathbun

The Best Bars & Cocktails in and Around Seattle

Innovative and intriguing spots are popping up all over town, bringing with them inventive backdrops

Aristotle categorized poetry as lyric, elegiac, epic or dramatic, and until recently, our local bar scene could also be divided along similarly strict lines: beer bar, fancy cocktail bar, sports bar, restaurant bar, wine bar. But in today’s joyous cocktail and bar renaissance, these lines have been nearly smudged out as intriguing, flavorful drinks are…

AJ Rathbun, with Jessica Yadegaran and Chelsea Lin