Nordstrom Will Now Take Empty Beauty Product Packaging

Nordstrom says it is the first major retailer to launch a beauty packaging recycling program

Ever wonder how to dispose of all those pouches and bottles that come with cosmetics? Well, Nordstrom has just launched a…

Nat Rubio-Licht

5 Products to Shop for in January 2020

Pick up these beauty essentials and ease into winter gracefully

You might find yourself in a post-holiday vacuum in the month of January, with busy schedules and gift shopping followed…

Andrew Hoge

Electric Facial Treatments Are Being Called the New ‘Scalpel-Less Face Lift’

The new treatments aim to soften your skin with low-voltage electric currents.

Electrode gloves—part of the Perfector Treatment—help tone and tighten at Jill Bucy

Nia Martin

New Sea-Tac Spa Looks to Make Flight Delays Less Painful

Terminal Getaway Spa wants to pamper you while waiting for your flight.

It’s been a long time since a visit to the airport has seemed more like a luxury than a chore….

Nia Martin

Once Again, Seattle has the Handsomest Men

Seattle men spend roughly $682 per year on personal grooming.

Lookin’ good, fellas.

John Levesque

5 All-Natural Beauty Products Made in Washington

Must-try local products from toners to spritzes.

1. Sunny DaysGive skin a spritz of sunshine, whatever the weather, with Partly Sunny Tone Well vitamin D toner (1…

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Her Controversial Goop Brand are Coming to Seattle

The Hollywood star hits Nordstrom to push her beloved/maligned luxury line.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle brand has its share of fans and haters.

Caroline Craighead

The Must List: Seattle Scotch & Beer Fest, Norwescon 40, Free Entry to National Parks

Wassily Kandinksy’s 1924 oil on canvas, ‘Tiefes Braun,’ on view at Pivot Art & Culture

Seattle Magazine Staff

Best of 2016: Reader’s Choice Poll Winners

From our December print feature, "2016: The Year in Review"

From ice cream to pie, your best of Seattle 2016 picks

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