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Impress Out-of-town Guests at These Seattle Bars

We’ve got a watering hole for every holiday visitor you’ve got

The holiday season—so jolly, so many visitors and sometimes, so much stress. We’re here to help, with a list of five Seattle bars, each ideal for fulfilling the desires of any visitor, whether a wine-loving aunt, a dad looking for classics, an (over 21) cousin wishing they were on the beach and others. While we…

AJ Rathbun

Try These Washington Digestifs After the Thanksgiving Feast

Eat too much? These local digestifs are here to help

There’s one thing most Thanksgiving dinner devotees share—eating too much at the holiday table, and then, perhaps, even more as the evening progresses. If you find yourself way too full at after the first round of feasting this year, we suggest alleviating it with a Washington state digestif, an alcoholic drink consumed to aid digestion….

AJ Rathbun

WA State Sparkling Wines Surge in Popularity Beyond Special Occasions

This year, set your holiday table with Washington sparkling wine

SPARKLE AND DINE: Locally produced sparkling wine pairs well with food, making it the perfect bottle to keep on hand for holiday feasts and festive gatherings

Paul Zitarelli

New Washington Ciders to Try this Fall

Keep warm this season with our favorite seasonal hard ciders

Fall and cider pair perfectly. The cool crisp days match the crisp taste wonderfully well. Luckily for us, we have an amazing assortment of local producers releasing delicious and creative seasonal ciders. Here are four ciders—and a cider cocktail you can make—to keep you warm this fall. Dark Maple, Locust Cider: Made by blending Washington…

AJ Rathbun

‘Last Call’ Asks Bartenders What They Want as Their Final Drink

Libations expert Brad Parsons dives deep into U.S.'s bar culture with narratives, recipes and more with his new book

While he left Seattle ten years ago for NYC, I still think of author Brad Parsons as a crucial part of the development of Seattle’s drink and food soul. A longtime cookbook editor for Amazon, he wrote his first, now legendary, book Bitters here, and was a friendly face at many bars when the cocktail…

AJ Rathbun

Mini Martinis and Square Slices? Find Them at the New Seattle Bar Taglio

Bring back the three-martini lunch alongside Roman-style pizza at this new downtown spot

We’ll have three mini-martinis, please

AJ Rathbun

5 Best Old Fashioneds in Seattle

This classic drink’s popularity remains high around town, whether in traditional or updated forms

OLD SCHOOL: Cicchetti’s version of an old fashioned sets a high bar with balance and quality ingredients

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Cocktail of the Month: Have the Last Laugh at Seattle Hotel Bar Ben Paris

A classic drink once revived by a Seattle legend gets an effervescent update

BEHIND THE BAR: Ben Paris assistant general manager Abigail Gullo created the Last Laugh (see image below) as a nod to a cocktail called the Last Word; she named it for the way the drink’s Cava bubbles tickled her nose

AJ Rathbun

New Vashon Bar and Butchery Is Worth the Ferry Line

Opened since May, The Ruby Brink is a perfect spot for lunch and cocktails

Drinks at The Ruby Brink

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