The most popular ‘burbs to buy a home.

Soon, Link light rail will connect Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods

The Link light rail is growing, with extensions planned in Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods. Our handy guide shows you the best places to live close to current and future light rail stations

Part of Northgate Mall will soon be NHL training facility

Though the light rail stations are not set to open until 2021 in the North End, real estate agents have already started featuring this mass-transportation option in their advertisements

Redmond's Overlake neighborhood

Soon Seattle will be connected to its Eastside neighbors thanks to light rail stations opening in 2023

El Centro de la Raza in Seattle's North Beacon Hill neighborhood

These local 'hoods have seen changes and growth since the arrival of Link light rail

Pioneer Square's apartment building The Wave

As our city becomes more dense, people are choosing to live and work downtown

SeaTac's Angle Lake neighborhood by Link light rail

There's more to these neighborhoods than their close proximity to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle condos, real estate, local housing

For years, few of these multifamily structures were being built. But the market is changing—dramatically

Despite reports of the demise of Seattle neighborhoods, we found several in and around the city that are thriving.

Note: This article was published in the March 2015 issue of Seattle magazine. And while home prices are changing all the time, we examined the issue of neighborhood affordability more recently in our March 2018 issue.