With housing supply short in Tacoma, home buyers are looking to places like Bonney Lake where new housing developments are under way

These outlying areas are catching on in a big way

In search of affordable housing, some are trading a longer commute time for a quality of life that’s worth the drive.

For those seeking an urban lifestyle, suburban cities with compact and walkable downtowns offer appealing amenities, such as local shops and restaurants, and small-town civic pride

Transit ridership is growing faster in the Puget Sound region than anywhere else in the country. Here are the suburbs where commutes are quick and easy

With the median price of homes in Seattle topping $690,000, it’s no wonder many people are willing to trade a little extra commuting time for a reasonably priced place to live.

It’s no secret that our local environment—from our shorelines to mountaintops and city parks to urban trails—is a major draw and can be an important consideration for home buyers in deciding where to live.

The one-time bedroom community has put the ‘urban’ in ‘suburban’

Buyers and renters seeking to escape Seattle’s frenzied market are heading to rapidly expanding towns south and east of the city