Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods in 2020

Find yourself a place to call home

By Ariel Shearer & Chelsea Lin


March 21, 2020

This article originally appeared in the March 2020 issue of Seattle Magazine.

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Whether you’re searching for your first house, a promising investment or the best place to raise a family, seeing your personality reflected in a neighborhood is just as important as making sure the home’s foundation is secure and the windows don’t leak. Despite the bidding wars, endless construction and density debate—all part of living in an evolving metropolis—Seattle endures as a city of neighborhoods, each possessing its own unique character. For our annual celebration of the city’s best neighborhoods, we’ve zeroed in on those special qualities that shape daily life just as much as a mortgage does, and curated our list in terms of what type of resident might love each neighborhood most. Whether you’re looking to relocate or for a good reason to stay put, don’t lose sight of what matters most.

Mount Baker
Head south for lake access and tree-lined boulevards

Lower Queen Anne
The sky’s the limit for career-driven Seattleites who land here

Maple Leaf
Families flock to this northeast neighborhood for its small-town feel in the middle of the city

A former mill town ready for liftoff

Sunset Hill
A neighborhood perched on Seattle’s western edge provides ample views and beach-town vibes

Ones to Watch: Interbay, Ballard, Northgate, Bellevue

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Ariel Shearer

Seattle’s Best Neighborhoods: Sunset Hill

Chelsea Lin

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Ariel Shearer