True, chef Shaun McCrain has an impressive background that includes Thomas Keller’s fine-dining beacon Per Se in New York City.

We’re admittedly a bit of a broken record when it comes to chefs Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang: The couple’s first restaurant, Joule, serves some of the best and most original globe-trotting cuisine going in Seattle.

What it brings to the table: Spine-tinglingly fresh fish shimmering from the sea, with a focus on sustainability and seasonality.

It’s the crown jewel of Tom Douglas’ trio of restaurants in his refurbished South Lake Union brick warehouse tucked beneath the shiny new Amazon buildings (it’s also home to Brave Horse Tavern’s tasty pub food and Ting Momo’s hit-or-miss Tibetan d

Tucked away in the tony enclave of Madison Park in the old Sostanza space is a restaurant where the chefs, managers, bartenders and servers all seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s company, a vibe that spills over into the elegant

Skillet Diner may share a name with owner Josh Henderson’s popular Skillet Street Food Airstream, but the brick-and-mortar version has a personality all its own.

Not just anyone could convince Seattleites to eat gumbo and po’ boys out on the sidewalk in the rain. Even really, really good gumbo ($5/$8) and po’ boys ($9).

Jerry Corso may not be a household name quite yet, but to the tight-knit chef crowd, he’s well known and much loved.

Chef Brendan McGill worked at Seattle restaurants Il Bistro, The Harvest Vine, the now-defunct Cremant and for the Via Tribunali group.

There are people in this world who love sweet baked goods, and there are people who get more excited about savory tastes. Both types unfailingly rave after a visit to Fuji Bakery.