Best New Restaurants 2011

Book Bindery: Best New Restaurant 2011

A Queen Anne spot where environs are just as elegant as the food coming out of the kitchen.

True, chef Shaun McCrain has an impressive background that includes Thomas Keller’s fine-dining beacon Per Se in New York City….

Allecia Vermillion


Fun, accessible, spicy Korean dishes in a supremely likable, upbeat space

We’re admittedly a bit of a broken record when it comes to chefs Seif Chirchi and Rachel Yang: The couple’s…

Seattle Mag

Sushi Kappo Tamura

We named this Eastlake sushi spot the Best New Restaurant of 2011.

What it brings to the table: Spine-tinglingly fresh fish shimmering from the sea, with a focus on sustainability and seasonality….

Seattle Mag


People-pleasing Italian food with an artisanal touch: pastas made with a delicate hand and vegetable

It’s the crown jewel of Tom Douglas’ trio of restaurants in his refurbished South Lake Union brick warehouse tucked beneath…

Seattle Mag

Madison Park Conservatory

A sophisticated addition, current enough to draw food obsessives, approachable enough to bring the p

Tucked away in the tony enclave of Madison Park in the old Sostanza space is a restaurant where the chefs,…

Allecia Vermillion

Reviewed: Skillet Diner

Toddlers and hipsters are equally at home at this upbeat, affordable diner

Skillet Diner may share a name with owner Josh Henderson’s popular Skillet Street Food Airstream, but the brick-and-mortar version has…

Allecia Vermillion

Where Ya At Matt

The Louisiana native that pilots this popular food truck is almost as much of an attraction as his b

Not just anyone could convince Seattleites to eat gumbo and po’ boys out on the sidewalk in the rain. Even…

Seattle Mag

Bar del Corso

A Beacon Hill restaurant good enough to lure folks to this underrated corner of the city.

Jerry Corso may not be a household name quite yet, but to the tight-knit chef crowd, he’s well known and…

Seattle Mag

Hitchcock: Best New Restaurant 2011

Finally, there’s a definitive restaurant on Bainbridge Island that highlights the best of the region

Chef Brendan McGill worked at Seattle restaurants Il Bistro, The Harvest Vine, the now-defunct Cremant and for the Via Tribunali…

Allecia Vermillion

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