The Best Burger in Seattle

In a city with so much great food, we wanted to know: What really takes the prize? Our critics tasted dozens of the very best burgers to find out
Loretta’s Double Tavern Burger with pickles, onions and special sauce

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Best of the Best: Loretta’s Northwesterner

There’s a taxonomical issue when it comes to burgers: A really good fast-food-style burger and its upscale, gourmet counterparts are in classes of their own, after all.

But good taste transcends all order, and our vote here goes to a burger so perfect in its simplicity that it can stand its ground next to any of the city’s fancier burgers—despite the fact that it’s served in a dark, divey 21-and-older pub.

The double Tavern burger ($5) at this South Park gem is basically a better version of a Dick’s Deluxe—double patties and American cheese (an element of success for any burger), plus pickles, onions and special sauce—and not much more expensive.

South Park, 8617 14th Ave. S; 206.327.9649;


Capitol Hill, 1040 E Union St.; 206.900.8699;
TIP: It’s not on the menu, and it costs $17, more than thrice the price of our winner, but the cult favorite burger at this beautiful steak house comes by its reputation honestly. Don’t you dare order it well done, though. 

West Seattle, 4437 California Ave. SW; 206.935.1075;

Li’l Woody’s
Multiple locations;

In addition to our expert picks, we put the Best of the Best to the test on social media, March Madness bracket style, to discover our readers' favorite pizza, doughnuts and burgers. Behold the burger bracket results:


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