It’s a joke among parents that the day’s happiest hour is that brief window of solitude—preferably with a glass of wine and a favorite series from Netflix—between when the kids go to bed and adult heads hit the pillow.

With the opening of a few buzzed-about sushi restaurants in the past six months on top of our already stellar lineup, Seattle’s foodies are spending a lot of time talking about raw fish. And why not?

Team Panko or Team Beer Batter? These fish and chips prove it’s all good

What makes a seafood restaurant memorable? It may be its proximity to the water, but even more important is the freshness of the fish and how it's prepared.

Best spots to slurp and sample your way through our regional bivalves

Seattle is a seafood town—but it’s not only because we’re surrounded by water.

I love the concept behind Nirmal’s, a 6-month-old Indian restaurant near Occidental Square.

I’m a kitchen-sink salad eater. None of this simple romaine-and-tomato-only business for me. Instead, I crave a big bowl with bright, beautiful vegetables and bits of crunchy surprises, topped with a fork-licking-good dressing.

There are lots of reasons to like Bramling Cross, Ethan Stowell’s new 50-seat gastropub located within a few blocks of sister restaurants Ballard Pizza Company, Staple & Fancy and Marine Hardware (formerly Chippy’s).