Food News: The Pantry, a Delancey Off-Shoot, Opening in Spring

Brandon Pettit and friends will open a new space for small parties, intimate themed dinners and cook
| Updated: November 27, 2018

I just got some really tasty good news, and I couldn't wait to share it.

This spring, Delancey's Brandon Pettit, along with friends-who-cook, Olaiya Land (caterer and cooking class teacher) and Brandi Henderson (Delancey's pastry chef), is opening The Pantry in a space behind Delancey!

The Pantry will be a multi-use space, where cooking classes (butchering and meat-curing classes by Russ Flint at Rainshadow Meats; a food writing course by Francis Lam (formerly of Gourmet); a class on Misunderstood Vegetables by Pettit's wife and Orangette blogger, Molly Wizenberg; classes on Belgian and Moroccan food by Olaiya Land; a City Chickens class by the people at Stokesberry Farm...the list goes on and on!) will take place during the day.

At night, Pettit told me via email, "The Pantry will host large family-style dinners in the Delancey space on Mondays and Tuesdays as well as smaller, intimate dinners in The Pantry space any day of the week for up to 20 people. The dinners will be based around different themes such as "New York-Style Steakhouse", "Belgian Bistro" or "Thai Street Food"."


This summer there'll be a kid's cooking camp (in conjunction with Space to Create, one of the Pantry's and Delancey's neighbors).

And just to prove they thought of everything, The Pantry will become Seattle's official drop-off for the Epicurean Edge knife sharpening shop in Kirkland.
There'll also be a small retail area inside the Pantry with food magazines, canning jars, kitchen knives, and even frozen Delancey cookie dough and pizza crust (score!) for sale. Somebody thought this through.


Pettit says they don't have an exact opening date yet, but that they'll be open sometime in spring. I'll keep you posted!