Food News: Restaurants on the Verge of Opening

| Updated: November 27, 2018

Of course, it wouldn't be the smartest move to open a restaurant on a holiday weekend, but oh-so-many are opening right after this weekend. Here's what to look for in the next week-plus:

World Pizza, the grunge-era pizzeria that's reopening after 15 years (which I told you about in March), is opening in its new location in the ID July 9th (672 S King St).

Eater tells us that Ba Bar, which we've been waiting for since February, is opening next Thursday, July 7th (550 12th Ave) and will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Beacon Hill restaurant we here at Seattle Mag have been stalking, Bar del Corso is opening July 12th, barring any last-minute permitting issues (3057 Beacon Ave S).

Burgers, we've got burgers, we've got even more burger shops opening! Marcus Lolario, who's partial owner of Captain Black’s and an investor in Havanas, The Saint and Molly Moon's, is opening Li'l Woody's. Lolario's promising "delicious, creative and locally sourced food at the right speed and right price."

Finally, there's a fundraising auction planned for longtime Seattle restaurant industry vet Kristal Lana, who's undergoing treatment for breast cancer and who is, like so many in the business, underinsured. Do your part: Attend Love Life. Love Lana. F*ck Cancer July 18th. More info here.
Happy 4th of July, folks.