Tips from Kelly Singer on Gearing Up for Jogging in the Rain

Have fun outside this month despite the rain with the right gear.
| Updated: November 27, 2018

It’s April in Seattle, but the unseasonably cool temperatures, lack of sunshine, and constant drizzle makes it  feel like we’re back in November.  I’m past the point of letting the weather rain on my parade and on my run, so I made a list of the necessary gear needed to get out there and stay dry.  

Here’s what you need for your April run, hike or walk:

1. Breathable layers
Layers are key if it's cold and wet. The most important layer is the one closest to your skin so make sure it's a technical fabric designed to wick water and sweat.  Same thing goes for your pants or tights.

2. Wind and water resistant jacket
Your outer layer should be a wind and water resistant jacket or vest.  Finding a jacket with a hood provides a little more coverage for your head and back.  It’s equally important to make sure your jacket or vest has reflective strips, since running in the rain often means poor visibility.

3. Brimmed hat
A hat with a brim can be your best friend during a rainy outing. It will keep the rain off your face and your head warm.

4. Wicking socks
Running or hiking in the rain can cause blisters, so choose a pair of synthetic or wool-blend socks that reach above your shoes to keep your feet as dry as possible. For an extra barrier, coat your feet and ankles with Bodyglide or another body balm to prevent chafing and blisters you might get from the wet socks. 

5. Old or water-resistant shoes
Even though it might be smart to invest in a pair of waterproof sneakers if you live in Seattle, a second or older pair of your favorite shoes will work if you’ve protected your feet with proper socks and body balm. Shoes can take days to completely dry out, and rain usually comes with mud, so save your new kicks in case spring does finally arrive.

Kelly Singer is Health and Fitness Specialist and a Brooks Bluestreak Sponsored Fitness Coach.  Her weekly blog post will feature fun ways to stay healthy and active in Seattle.