Beer news: Elysian's new juniper brew, and a bittersweet beer event

| Updated: November 27, 2018

Occupational hazard: I love beer. Didn't used to, but that was in the dark days before Seattle mag's epic 24-page beer extravaganza, which could make a beerdo out of anyone. Neophyte that I am, I enjoy sidling up to Washington Beer Blog's Kendall Jones at beer events and asking him stupid questions, like I did last night at the Triple Door's big Elysian Brewing Company's brewlaunch of their new Triple Door Backstage Ale.

Me: Is there apricot in this beer? Cucumber? Sweatsocks? What is it?

Kendall: It's the juniper.

And that's why Kendall is the beer king. And it's good to be king. Besides sipping delicious juniper-infused beers, Kendall gets to put on cool beer events and call it work, like last month's awesome Craft Beer + Food event.

Kendall has just announced yet another beer event; this one is a beer and chocolate pairing party, BitterSweet Beer + Chocolate. Profits go to charity. Kendall told me last night that a couple of local breweries are making beer with chocolate in it just for this event.

If you want to go, get your tickets fast; the last one sold out! Thursday, November 10th; 6:00 – 9:00 at Fremont Brewing, Seattle. $35.