X Factor Update: Team Lomax Still Cuter

| Updated: November 27, 2018

Last night's X Factor episode was bumped to a delayed baseball game (woe!), so we have to wait until tonight to really deliberate over which Seattle contestant is the best.

In the meantime, to respond to Brangien Davis' challenge of my preferred X Factor candidate, I submit new evidence: a video diary of Phillip Lomax, filmed as he was leaving Seattle to attend the next round of auditions.

In the homemade video (each of the contestants made one) he briefly tours Seattle, goes on a date, says goodbye to his best friend, tells us about his family living overseas and delivers a monologue from a moving sidewalk.

Random, yes. Overly staged? A bit.

But at least he's got the personality that makes sense for pop stardom. I mean, his video is way more entertaining than LeRoy Bell's dry suitcase packing and awkward message delivered from his driveway. (Although, the fact that his son makes the video is pretty cute - I'll give you that.)

However, if LeRoy Bell is so awesome - with his celebrity songwriting credits and what not - what the heck is he doing on a Simon Cowell program? What's preventing him from just calling up Elton John and getting more songwriting credits? Seems fishy to me.

You're lovely, LeRoy! But you've had your moment in the sun.

Make way for the next generation, represented in this case by the smiley Phillip Lomax, who wins me over even more in his video when he makes a point to pay homage to ACT theater, where he hopes to perform again in the future.