Breakfast Cocktails to Drink Now

Tasty morning libations with a kick

By Seattle Mag January 20, 2014


This article originally appeared in the January 2014 issue of Seattle magazine.

!–paging_filter–pstrongKimchi Bloody Mary at Revel ($8) /strongbrThere’s nothing like it (pictured above). The house-made base has Korean chili paste and kimchi paste; it’s spiked with Vikingfjord vodka and garnished with a togarashi rim (e.g., dried seaweed and black sesame) and garnished with house-pickled long beans, a green olive and a lime wedge.a href=”” target=”_blank”
pstrongPike Place Mary at Etta’s ($12) /strongbrAlong with those crab cakes, order this locally sourced Bloody Mary: Prosser Farm pepper-infused vodka, house Bloody Mary mix and fresh horseradish, garnished with Bavarian Meats landjaeger and smoked Beecher’s cheese, and finished with a Pike Place pale ale beer back. a href=”” target=”_blank” src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/0114_breakfastdrink.jpg” style=”vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;” width=”400″ height=”266″brbrstrongRamos Gin Fizz at Witness Bar ($11)/strongbrThis tall, frothy gin sipper is fragrant with lemon and lime, and frothy with egg whites. Think of it as an Orange Julius with benefits. a href=”” target=”_blank” src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/witness_ramos-gin-fizz-10.jpg” style=”vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;” width=”400″ height=”266″brstrongGrapefruit Cooler at Oddfellows ($7)/strongbrFeel free to order a mimosa; we’ll opt for this tart, fizzy refresher instead. Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and Cocchi Aperitivo Americano are finished with sparkling French wine for a blushing, bubbly brunch beverage. a href=”” target=”_blank” src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/0114_breakfastdrink2.jpg” style=”vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;” width=”400″ height=”266″brstrongCafe Amaro at Sun Liquor Distillery ($8)/strongbrWhile you’re brunching on French toast with lemon-honey butter and rum maple syrup, go ahead and sip a Cafe Amaro: freshly brewed Top Pot coffee with Fernet-Branca and hand-whipped Angostura cream, served with a twist of orange. a href=”” target=”_blank” src=”/sites/default/files/newfiles/0114_breakfastdrink3.jpg” style=”vertical-align: middle; margin: 10px;” width=”400″ height=”266″/p


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