How Much Is Too Much to Pay for Half a Sandwich?

As our obsession with open-faced noshing continues, we explore a range of toasts in Seattle

As with many things in Seattle’s culinary scene, we can probably credit chef Renee Erickson for convincing us that $10 is not too much to spend on toast. (My grandmother, however, wouldn’t have been so easily persuaded.) Mind you, the single slice of toast that goes for more than a 10-spot here isn’t simply topped…

Chelsea Lin

6 New Brunch Options

Because nothing makes a morning better like carbs and cocktails

Pork belly congee on the brunch menu at Soi.

Chelsea Lin

Where to Get a Great Weekday Breakfast

The best dishes to start every day of the week

Seattle magazine’s early-rising team of food experts tout their favorite spots for the most important meal of the day (and the weekend).[pancakes]If you head to one of Portage Bay Café’s three airy Seattle locations, where the servers sport T-shirts with the company’s tagline—eat like you give a damn—consider stretching beyond your usual order and don’t…

Allison Austin Scheff, Jess Thomson, Sara Dickerman, Leslie Kelly, Paul Zitarelli and Ali Brownrigg

6 Food Trends We Love

From cocktails to pickles: the sharp, unabashed flavors Seattleites want now - and where to get them

Booze of the Moment: Tequila Don’t be like me. It took me years to recover from cheap-tequila-drenched trips to Mexico in college. And so I came late to the nuanced aromas of reposado, and I’m slowly exploring the smoky flavors of good anejo (they are pricey, after all). All over town, bartenders are harnessing the…

Allison Austin Scheff and Allecia Vermillion

Reviewed: Skillet Diner

Toddlers and hipsters are equally at home at this upbeat, affordable diner

Skillet Diner may share a name with owner Josh Henderson’s popular Skillet Street Food Airstream, but the brick-and-mortar version has a personality all its own. Though it’s hardly a greasy spoon, Skillet is a diner in the truest sense of the word: The avocado-green booths are vinyl; stools at the long counter swivel. Doors open…

Allecia Vermillion

Incredible Eggs

Whether you’re treating yourself to a high-end brunch or just catching breakfast at a comfy neighbor

Best Northwest Spin on Eggs BenedictEtta’s, Tom Douglas’ most uniquely Northwest eatery near the Pike Place Market, serves up its Dungeness crab eggs Benedict ($17) every weekend during brunch to crustacean-loving locals and tourists alike. The signature hollandaise is softly scented with lemon and accented with the tangy taste of dill, which provides lightness to…

Seattle Mag

Wood-Fired Bagels at Eltana

A new Montreal-style bagelry brings chewy, terrific bagels to Seattle.

I’ve never been to Montreal, so I can’t tell you whether Eltana’s Montreal-style bagels are the real deal. But even if they’re not, these are great bagels. Chewy, dense and with just a slight smoky flavor from their trip into the wood fire after being boiled in honeyed water, they’re made until about 2 p.m….

Seattle Mag

Prickly Pear Cactus: It’s What’s for Breakfast

Looking for a green pepper substitute? Columnist Lorna Yee shows us a South American substitute.

What it is: Prickly pear cactus pads, also known as nopales (singular: nopal), are commonly consumed as a vegetable in Mexico and Central America. The cactus pads—the flat “paddles” that grow from the main stems—are sold both fresh and canned. Their flavor lies somewhere between green beans and green bell peppers, with a slimy texture…

Seattle Mag

Crepes, Sandwiches at Citizen

Queen Anne welcomes a mellow neighborhood eatery.

For some folks who live within stumbling distance, Sunday mornings have become synonymous with inexpensive mimosas and heartily stuffed crêpes at Citizen. This laid-back neighborhood spot, open since September, is full of charm and character, reminiscent of a New York artist loft studio: plenty of exposed brick, a wrought iron and wood staircase that leads…

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