Capitol Hill Welcomes Acai Eatery

Verve Bowls opens shop in new Pike Motorworks building

By Carley Schmidt


July 25, 2016

Capitol Hill welcomed its first eatery dedicated to acai and fresh smoothie bowls last week. Verve Bowls, located in the newly opened Pike Motorworks building, whips up acai and pitaya (dragonfruit) bowls–parfait-style cups made with a blended berry base and topped with granola and other tasty garnishes–plus smoothies and pressed juices made with goods from local produce supplier, Charlie’s Produce.

When you go, consider ordering the James and the Giant Peach, a bowl featuring acai, peach and strawberry base topped with granola, kiwi, strawberry and honey, or the Evergreen smoothie, which swirls together avocado, banana, spinach, cashew milk and honey. The acai bowls and 16-ounce smoothies both start at $6.99.

Other eateries around town at which to get your berry fix: Kitanda Espresso and Acai in Greenlake, which offers a number of acai bowls, as well as a wide variety of Brazilian specialties like gluten-free cheese bread and gourmet coffee drinks. And Jujubeet in University Village features an acai bowl and an acai protein bowl among its other healthy offerings.

Verve Bowls is located at 715 E Pine and is open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily.