Capitol Hill

This Capitol Hill Restaurant Has Perfected the Rice Bowl

B-Side, the hip little sister spot to Analog Coffee, makes a mean breakfast.

B-Side’s rice bowl with fresh and fermented vegetables and a soft boiled egg.

Chelsea Lin

Capitol Hill’s New Late-Night Deli, Hidden High-Concept Cocktail Bar is Ambitious

It's deli in the front, party in the back for By the Pound and Bar Justice.

I drink therefore I am? Bar Justice tries to get high-minded in the back of By the Pound delicatessen.

AJ Rathbun

Buzzy New Capitol Hill Restaurant Brings Much-Needed Meat Hunks to Underserved Area

D' La Santa looks to fill the void in a troubled restaurant space.

Enjoy fun and tasty Mexican-inspired cocktails and food at D’ La Santa.

AJ Rathbun

Seattle’s Newest Cat Cafe Offers Beer, Japanese Snacks and a Whole Lot of Adorable

Just try to stay cool among Neko Cat Café's purring fur balls of joy.

Follow the sign to Capitol Hill’s new kitty den.

Danny Sullivan

Liberty Founder Sells Influential Craft Cocktail Bar, Cites $15 Minimum Wage

Two veteran bartenders are taking over the Capitol Hill cocktail bastion.

A new era for one of Seattle’s pioneering cocktail bars.

Chris Nishiwaki

Parking on Capitol Hill Might Cost More During Your Next Night Out

Say goodbye to free parking after 8 p.m.

Once the parking meter changes kick in, you might just want to skateboard to Capitol Hill.

Michael Rietmulder

Find Next-Level Slushy Drinks at This Throwback Capitol Hill Pizza Parlor

The frothy nature of this whirred frozen beauty from Dino’s bar pairs perfectly with a piping hot slice of pizza just out of the oven.

Dino’s bartender Jabriel Donohue takes blended drinks up a notch.

A.J. Rathbun

Star Seattle Chef Selling Two Restaurants, Opening a New One

Ethan Stowell is looking to sell Capitol Hill's Bar Cotto and Anchovies & Olives.

Say goodbye (perhaps) to Capitol Hill’s salumi bar/pizzeria Bar Cotto.

AJ Rathbun

Capitol Hill Tea Cafe Closing After 11 Years

Soon Modern Steep's cafe will hit the lights for the last time, but you can still get its organic teas.

Fret not, leaf hounds. You’ll still be able to score those sweet, sweet blends online.

Michael Rietmulder