Century Ballroom kicks up its heels to celebrate 20 years of dance

Savor the herbaceous highlights of this multilayered bourbon- and vermouth-based cocktail

A new movement is saying yes to urban density in all its forms

Foreign National is the new bar just to the right of sibling Stateside on Capitol Hill (look for the small plaque with the name and the sun symbol on the door), and it's already gett

In a city sprouting towers of new residential construction all around town, Lauren and Bradley Padden are thinking small.

In early June, Corvus & Co. opened on the eastern stretch of Broadway on Capitol Hill and, after a few name changes, has spread its wings throughout the summer months.

When Capitol Hill pizzeria Dino’s Tomato Pie opened about four months ago, it generated a flurry of chatter.

It’s a fine day when one of our favorite restaurants announces it is finally launching a brunch program.

With its gleaming white columns and a stately portico often seen decked in red, white and blue bunting, the “White House,” an almost 7,000-square-foot mansion perched atop North Capitol Hill, prompts more than a casual comparison to our nation’s “