Bellevue’s University Bookstore to Close, but the East Side Keeps Its Edge

Bellevue is in many ways more “urban” than Seattle now—certainly, it’s racially more diverse, which is complete flip from the white-bread suburbs of the ‘60s and ‘70s

Berger supervising a photo shoot of Bill Gates and Brian “The Boz” Bosworth in 1988

Knute Berger

Mazama Mountain Cabin Makes a Cozy, Stylish Retreat: A Home Tour

In Washington’s North Cascades, a wood-paneled vacation home provides access to views and outdoor activities

This article originally appeared on This house nestled in the North Cascades mountains in Mazama, Washington, reflects the rugged…

Catherine Laughlin, Houzz Contributor

Outdoors: The North Cascade Institute’s New Slate of 2011 Programs

North Cascades Institute Launches 2011 Programs

This week the North Cascades Institute, which is celebrating its 25th year conserving and protecting Northwest environments through experiential outdoor…

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