Photography by Grant Hindsley

Every Car Has a Story: ‘I don’t own cars. They own me.’

Blake Siebe takes a most unusual approach to car collecting

There are two kinds of car collectors. The vast majority fit into a sort of “check box” mentality of acquiring cars anointed by others as collector worthy. In contrast, a rare category of car collectors, I might venture to say, are the true cognoscenti who discover vehicles that no one is yet appreciating. They relish in…

Self portrait by Tariqa Waters

The Art of Weathering Winter: How a gardener and a gallerist embrace the Seattle gray

Walk a Mile (or Twelve) In the Shoes of Ciscoe Morris and Tariqa Waters

By Annie Midori Atherton Trudging into midwinter, I sometimes find myself counting down the days to spring with the melodrama of a 19th-century sailor making scratches on the wall to mark how long I’ve been at sea. In an effort to enjoy the season more, I’ve been speaking with a diverse array of locals. What’s…

Desert X installation view, Sterling Ruby, Specter, 2019.  Photo by Lance Gerber, courtesy of Desert X

Travel Destination: Desert

How to make the most of a trip to Palm Springs

“The desert tells a different story every time one ventures on it.” — Robert Edison Fulton Jr. Everything about Palm Springs defies easy description. It is both the name of a city and a catch-all term for the small towns scattered along the vast Coachella Valley, from Cabazon to Indio. It evokes hedonism, as well…

Photography by Sage Chen

The Art of Weathering Winter: Foraging, Bathing, and Gold Dust

Two Seattle Chefs on the Soothing Hobbies that Get Them through the Winter

Though I’ve lived in Seattle nearly my entire life, the early winter sunsets, which fall like a set of blackout curtains over the world, never fail to feel like a curse. This year, though, I wanted to challenge myself to find a better way to get through it. Could it be an opportunity to surrender…

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How These Seattle Nonprofits Are Making a Difference

Nonprofits large and small tackle our region’s problems

Philanthropy requires focus, efficiency and the ability to marshal resources to change a situation. Sounds complicated, but philanthropy is also very basic: an act of humanity that starts with one person attempting to make this world a better place for someone else. Giving of yourself. It is the seed for nonprofit work, the bedrock that…

Perry Atkins 2022-cropped

Trading Urgency For Impact: Donor-Advised Funds

Why donor-advised funds appeal to investors and nonprofits

In these heady days of affluence in metropolitan Seattle (thank you, technology companies!), people inclined to give back are looking for tax-efficient ways to support their favorite charities. Many have used donor-advised funds (DAFs) to have their cake and eat it, too.  A gift of appreciated stock to a DAF, which can be made through…

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Seattle Philanthropists Have a Message: Just Give

Six ‘quiet giant’ philanthropists speak candidly about what they’ve learned and why charity isn’t nearly as difficult as it’s sometimes made out to be

Often, folks tell me a simple confession: “I want to start giving back but I don’t know how.” While I am no expert on the topic and consider myself recently influenced by several inspiring folks in the region, I can appreciate the lack of candid and direct info on how it all works. My immigrant…


Every Car Has a Story: Seattle Hotelier Mike Malone’s Car Obsession Goes Back Decades

Hotelier Mike Malone races cars all over the globe. And he’s got stories.

Seattle business leader Mike Malone is well known for his ownership of the Hotel Sorrento in Seattle and his pioneering of the subscription music business when he founded AEI Music, but his passion for cars drives him today. If there is a real-life version of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World, it’s…

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My Father’s Gun: Coming to Terms With a Controversial Weapon

Danny O’Neil’s thoughts on inheriting his father’s gun

Danny O’Neil is a Manhattan resident, but a Northwest native, born in Oregon with the good sense to attend the University of Washington. He covered a basketball team that no longer exists (the Supersonics) for a newspaper that no longer publishes (the “Seattle Post-Intelligencer”) and up until last August, was a sports-radio host at 710…

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A Seattle Philanthropist’s Guide for Giving Back

Stephanie Ellis-Smith says philanthropy is not as difficult as you may think

Stephanie Ellis-Smith refers to herself as “the weird person who always volunteered to be on the development committee” for the various nonprofits she was involved with. It makes sense, then, that Ellis-Smith is now one of the region’s foremost philanthropic advisers for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Ellis-Smith has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit…

Co-founders Joe Plummer, left, and Chris Duryee at the Ruinous Media office studio in Seattle.

Seattle’s Ruinous Media Brings City’s Weirdness to its Music Podcasts

Ruinous Media captures the Seattle experience, and then some

Podcasts are full of murder, mystery, mayhem and sports. Seattle’s Ruinous Media is focusing on another genre, music, with a veritable cast of well-known Seattle characters who tell stories in an engaging and compelling way. Along the way, Ruinous has exported Seattle’s unique brand of “weird” to audiences across the United States and around the…

Tasha Mikko’s race car is a 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 9. She named it “Robbie” in honor of her grandfather.

Every Car Has a Story: She’s Got Drive. Seattle’s Tasha Mikko Has Become an Autocross Champion

And she’s working to get more women in the sport

Sure, everyone is watching Formula 1 (F1) documentaries these days but have you heard of a driving sport called autocross? And on a regular basis that women racers are on the podium? We have one of the best here in Seattle: Tasha Mikko. I have had the pleasure, and pain, of driving with Tasha when…

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