Every Car Has a Story: Seattle Hotelier Mike Malone’s Car Obsession Goes Back Decades

Hotelier Mike Malone races cars all over the globe. And he’s got stories.

Seattle business leader Mike Malone is well known for his ownership of the Hotel Sorrento in Seattle and his pioneering of the subscription music business when he founded AEI Music, but his passion for cars drives him today. If there is a real-life version of the Dos Equis Most Interesting Man in the World, it’s…

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My Father’s Gun: Coming to Terms With a Controversial Weapon

Danny O’Neil’s thoughts on inheriting his father’s gun

Danny O’Neil is a Manhattan resident, but a Northwest native, born in Oregon with the good sense to attend the University of Washington. He covered a basketball team that no longer exists (the Supersonics) for a newspaper that no longer publishes (the “Seattle Post-Intelligencer”) and up until last August, was a sports-radio host at 710…

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A Seattle Philanthropist’s Guide for Giving Back

Stephanie Ellis-Smith says philanthropy is not as difficult as you may think

Stephanie Ellis-Smith refers to herself as “the weird person who always volunteered to be on the development committee” for the various nonprofits she was involved with. It makes sense, then, that Ellis-Smith is now one of the region’s foremost philanthropic advisers for ultra-high-net-worth individuals. Ellis-Smith has more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit…

Co-founders Joe Plummer, left, and Chris Duryee at the Ruinous Media office studio in Seattle.

Seattle’s Ruinous Media Brings City’s Weirdness to its Music Podcasts

Ruinous Media captures the Seattle experience, and then some

Podcasts are full of murder, mystery, mayhem and sports. Seattle’s Ruinous Media is focusing on another genre, music, with a veritable cast of well-known Seattle characters who tell stories in an engaging and compelling way. Along the way, Ruinous has exported Seattle’s unique brand of “weird” to audiences across the United States and around the…

Tasha Mikko’s race car is a 2006 Mitsubishi Evo 9. She named it “Robbie” in honor of her grandfather.

Every Car Has a Story: She’s Got Drive. Seattle’s Tasha Mikko Has Become an Autocross Champion

And she’s working to get more women in the sport

Sure, everyone is watching Formula 1 (F1) documentaries these days but have you heard of a driving sport called autocross? And on a regular basis that women racers are on the podium? We have one of the best here in Seattle: Tasha Mikko. I have had the pleasure, and pain, of driving with Tasha when…

Richard is out helping homeless neighbors almost every night.

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission Offers Hope, Healing and Help

Union Gospel Mission volunteers hit the streets

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” — Mahatma Ghandi “Real Society” is a regular installment of the magazine to shine a bright light not on those who are already visible by virtue of birth or wealth. Instead, it creates space for those who are…

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Managing Your Stress in Turbulent Times

How to take care of yourself or reach out to others

Traffic, chaotic calendars and never-ending to-do lists. Life will always have standard stressors, but now we have additional distress from increasing gun violence, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, the ongoing pandemic and more.  It is crucial to manage your stress during these exceptionally challenging times. The good news is there are…

Patricia Grayhall, pictured in Boston in 1983, recently released a memoir, which she says was a half century in the making.

Coming Up, Coming Out: One Seattle Doctor’s Tale

‘Making the Rounds’ examines love and life

Patricia Grayhall’s memoir was a half-century in the making. Grayhall, a retired Seattle medical doctor, just released Making the Rounds: Defying Norms in Love and Medicine, a story of her coming-of-age in the 1970s as a young woman striving for love and a career as a doctor when neither was approved by society at the…

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Seattle Lawyer’s Long Abortion Rights Fight

Judith Lonnquist bailed out abortion doctors in the 1960s and has been fighting for women’s rights ever since. She has advice on how to take action now.

Judith Lonnquist is steadfast. She’s angry. Her tone is clipped and impatient. “It’s like 50 years of my life has been wasted,” she says. And yet, Lonnquist is hopeful.   Lonnquist, a prominent Seattle labor and employment attorney who specializes in sex discrimination and harassment, has been fighting for civil rights and women’s rights since the…

Ingrid Russell-Narcisse during her University of Washington basketball days.

For these Seattle women in sports, it’s all about fair play

Three women who’ve spent a lifetime advocating for opportunity and equal access remain hopeful during the 50th anniversary of Title IX

Virginia Gilder took off her clothes. Trish Bostrom filed a lawsuit. Back in the 1970s, these extraordinary pioneers took bold and decisive actions in a struggle for equality and access to opportunity, a battle that’s taken on new meaning in the wake of recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court. On June 24, the…

Monai Lowe, 33, demonstrates for abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Now, More Than Ever: Seattle women speak on Roe vs. Wade and reproductive rights

They’re angry. They’re focused. They’re not about to give up.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. It’s an inspiring thought. It’s just not always linear. What do we do then? Forty-nine years ago, the Supreme Court decided the right to abortion was guaranteed under the Constitution. In June, the court reversed itself when…

Seattle Magazine owner and publisher, Jonathan Sposato

Publisher’s Note: Conquering Cancer

Seattle is leading the way

There is always something to smile about. “On my hardest days of missing Josh, I open up his journals and am reminded of how strong he was in the face of adversity. I am constantly inspired to live my life more like he did. I do so by finding purpose in my pain and not…

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Photography by Alex Cayley.

Deep Focus

Tom Skerritt remains more committed than ever to the creative economy in the Northwest

Tom Skerritt is one of Seattle’s 25 most influential people reshaping our region. #mostinfluential   Fans were understandably disappointed to learn that Tom Skerritt wasn’t asked to reprise his role as Commander Mike “Viper” Metcalf in “Top Gun 2.” “You can’t beat Tom Skerritt with a gun,” wrote one fan on Twitter. Skerritt has said that…

Illustration of Lenny Wilkens

The Pursuit of Nobility: Interview with Lenny Wilkens

One of Seattle’s greatest sports icons eyes return of NBA

On a recent edition of three-time Emmy-award winning sports TV talk show “Pardon The Interruption,” cohost Michael Wilbon heaped lavish praise on NBA legend and Seattle icon Lenny Wilkens in celebration of his 85th birthday.  Wilbon noted that he’s a “basketball Hall of Famer three times over” [as a player, coach and assistant coach of…