Top Doctors 2017: Adolescent Medicine

These specialists focus on the unique medical, psychological and social challenges during the transition from childhood to adulthood, typically 10–21…

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Top Doctors 2017: Addiction Psychiatry

This subspecialty within psychiatry focuses on diagnosing and treating substance abuse and addiction. Steven M. Juergens, M.D.,* addiction/substance abuse, alcohol…

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Crowdsourcing Cardiac Help

CPR help may be just a phone alert away

pinpointing help The PulsePoint app shows the person in cardiac distress, and the location of those who can help


A Better Bedside Manner

Can a survey improve how patients experience health care?

Choosing a physician is often a tough task. Patients want a qualified doctor, but most also look for other qualities…


Bigger and Better

New outpatient facility saves time and money for patients and staff

The Polyclinic and Swedish Medical Center recently joined forces to build a new surgery center with 12 operating rooms to accommodate procedures that don’t require an overnight hospital stay

Niki Stojnic

Minimalistic Medicine

Two new procedures advance the less-is-more approach

The TCAR procedure requires a smaller incision (right) than traditional carotid endarterectomy (left) and can often be performed using local anesthesia. With a smaller incision, cranial nerve injury rates are reduced and scarring is minimized.

Niki Stojnic

At These Retail Locations, Getting Health Care Is Easy

The next time you sprain an ankle or catch a bad cold, instead of calling your doctor’s office or visiting an urgent care center, you may want to walk in to your neighborhood drugstore

For minor illnesses like an ear infection, drug store clinics offer quick health care

Elaina Friedman

New Seattle Clinic Provides Care to Transgender Youths

Awareness of transgender issues is rising, as our culture has embraced TV series like 'Transparent' and the KUOW-FM podcast 'How to Be a Girl.' But it’s still hard to find adequate health care for transgender and gender nonconforming youths

Awareness of transgender issues is rising, as our culture has embraced TV series like Transparent and the KUOW-FM podcast How…

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Improving Life as It Ebbs

Ellyn Lee, M.D., Swedish Medical Group

Hospice and palliative care both aim to improve quality of life, says Dr. Ellyn Lee of Swedish Medical Group

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