Cat Posters an Inspurration to Both Kitties and Owners

Give kitty what s/he really wants: an inspirational poster

Local cat finding inner peace

Elaina Friedman

Band of the Week: Simon Kornelis

Need to know: He's writing a full length album about cats

With so much happening in Seattle’s bustling music scene these days, how do you even know where to start? Allow…

Gwendolyn Elliott

In the Freezing Snow, the Yule Cat Roams, Waiting to Devour You

“He roamed at large, hungry and evil/In the freezing Yule snow/In every home/People shuddered at his name”

Gwendolyn Elliott

Pacific NW Cider Fest This Weekend, Plus Cat’s Pajamas Spirit

Where to celebrate and drink cider this weekend

There’s a big cider festival happening this weekend that you won’t want to miss, and perhaps the perfect sipper and…

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