Chocolate in Seattle

Tour Seattle’s Chocolate Factories

No Oompa Loompas at these candy-making centers, but peeking behind the sugary curtain is a delight.

Theo ChocolateRevamped in 2012, the tour at Fremont’s 6-year-old Theo Chocolate is more educational than Willy Wonka–ish. It starts with…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

Best Chocolate Shops

Our city hosts a bounty of boutique chocolate shops.

Intrigue Chocolates Co.Aaron Barthel says he wanted to be a mad scientist when he grew up. That dream nearly led…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

Seattle’s Best Sipping Chocolate

We scoured the city for its best liquid indulgences: thick, rich, hot melted chocolate and milk.

ChocolatiCayenne Hot ChocolateIf you’d abandon subtlety and nuance in favor of a hot chocolate with eye-popping flavor, Chocolati’s flavored hot…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

A Bucket List for the Seattle Chocoholic

If we could create our dream box of chocolates, these 10 local treats would be in it.

Chocolate grows on trees, but after testing and tasting everything Theobroma cacao, we’ve learned one thing: Not all chocolate is…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

Seattle’s Classic Chocolates

Tried-and-true favorites from longtime local chocolate makers.

DilettanteLet’s zoom out on this a bit: There’s a restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill ’hood that makes almost a dozen…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay

Field Guide to Seattle Chocolate & Candy

The complete compendium of Seattle’s best sugary treats including plenty of chocolate.

No gift rings more cliché than a box of chocolate or candy for Valentine’s Day—except maybe in Seattle. Our city…

Jess Thomson & Cody Bay with Taneeka Hansen

South Seattle’s DIY Chocolate Shop

Student crafted confections are a palate- and budget-pleasing choice.

Smack-dab in the middle of the main campus of South Seattle Community College (SSCC) is confectionary heaven, otherwise known as…

Taneeka Hansen