This Converted Airstream Takes Karaoke on the Go

Get ready to sing our heart out
SOUND UP: AirScream founders Kelli Bielema (left) and Vanessa Resler (right) warm up for the launch of their karaoke club on wheels

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Are you ready to party? The AirScream is ready to help. This mobile karaoke lounge for hire, set up in a tricked-out Airstream trailer, was launched last month by karaoke host and DJ Vanessa Resler, aka DJ Baby Van Beezly, and Kelli Bielema, a longtime planner of high-end events who’s now an event manager at Facebook. Melding Resler’s audio expertise with Bielema’s eye for transformative design, the idea behind AirScream is simple: plug it in and start belting. “Easy is what we’re shooting for,” Resler says.

The 1961 Airstream features an all-wood interior with bench seating, custom lighting, a mini-bar (BYOB), three TVs, a small stage and top-notch tech: song selection is managed via iPad, mics are cordless and chosen specifically for handling vocals, as are the high-end speakers. Rentals can be customized based on your party specs and whether you want a karaoke host to run the show (prices vary by event). The AirScream can accommodate as many as 20 people, making it an entertaining addition to corporate events and weddings, but it’s primed to roll up anywhere you want a ready-made party—complete with quality soundproofing: “We want to be able to park it on a front lawn and let it rock ’til 1 a.m.!” Resler says.

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