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Seattle’s Fave Five: Shoes, Movies, Food, Games

Cool, fun places to visit

By Heather Lowenthal November 4, 2022

Peterson Stoop

This article originally appeared in the September/October 2022 issue of Seattle Magazine.

1 STAND OUT from the rest this fall when you try on a fresh pair of suede sneakers or stacked heels at shoe boutique Corre in Madrona. It specializes in distinguished footwear for both women and men, from independent and international designers. Selected to inspire “dressing with intention,” these are shoes you thought you would only find on the internet.

“Lost Highway”

Janus Films

2 FIND INSPIRATION at the movies. See a film made by mission-driven directors at Northwest Film Forum, a dedicated filmmakers’ advocate and film enthusiasts’ venue for nearly 30 years on Capitol Hill. Festivals span a range of inclusive themes, from international to Indigenous people, stand-up comedy to political documentaries, cult camp to children’s animation. All selected to incite dialogue and creative action. Check the calendar for upcoming events and workshops.

3 CHANGE the way Seattle looks by using the city’s Find It, Fix It App. Report the pothole in the middle of your street, the graffiti on the overpass or a clogged storm drain. Once you’ve downloaded the app, take a photo of the damage, provide location details and report it to the city. But be patient. It takes time and many hands to help tidy up a city. //

Sashimi Island in Uwajimaya


4 IMMERSE yourself in the food culture of Asia by stepping through the sliding glass doors of Uwajimaya, Seattle’s largest Asian grocery store, a cultural pillar serving Seattleites since 1945. Walk down aisles of products from all parts of Asia, the vastly diverse produce section, housewares, bookstore, and a fish market that alerts you to the ocean of seafood beyond salmon and cod. Store locations in Seattle, Bellevue, Renton and Beaverton, Ore.

5 UNPLUG and play at Blue Highway Games on Queen Anne Hill where you’ll find a deep inventory of board and card games of all genres. You won’t find Monopoly or Candy Land here. Enjoy the luxury of trying out new, challenging games from its extensive library before you buy. And if you’re a local, return for hosted game nights, when you’ll discover a thriving community made up of all ages who turn off their phones and connect playing board games.

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