Sign of the Times: ‘Rage Room’ Is the New Place to Smash Away Your Stress

Plus: Our guide on where to go to deal with stress in the age of anxiety

By Gwendolyn Elliott


February 22, 2018

This article originally appeared in the February 2018 issue of Seattle Magazine.

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When it comes to letting off steam these days, there is no better sign of the times than last April’s opening of the city’s first “rage room”—a place where you can literally, legally break stuff. But that frenzy of fury might not be right every time you need to ease your mind. For your next personal health day, consult our progressive chart for the right prescription. 

Stress Level: Someone ate your sandwich at work

Rx: Knead it out at a breadmaking class

Where to find it: Baking brothers Kit and Jesse Schumann of Sea Wolf Bakers offers classes at their bakery through Book Larder. $75 – $80. Fremont, 206.397.4271;

Photo by Sergery Avdeev

Stress Level: The in-laws are coming

Rx: Float your cares away in a sensory deprivation pool filled with 1,600 pounds of Epsom salts

Where to find it: First-time hourlong float sessions at LifeFloat start at $49. South Lake Union, 213 Yale Ave.; 206.624.1264;

Stress Level: Caught in rush-hour gridlock, again

Rx: Enjoy some pet therapy

Where to find it: At cat cafe Seattle Meowtropolitan, mingle with house felines (all available for adoption) for $10 per 50 minutes, or try cat yoga ($20 per class) Wallingford, 1225 N 45th St.; 206.632.2330;

Photo by Noah Feck

Stress Level: Goodbye parking spot: Amazon is moving into your ‘hood

Rx: Swat your stress away at a pingpong table

Where to find it: New pingpong club Spin has 12 Olympic size tables, private lounges and a full-service bar and reestaurant. Prices start at $15 per half hour of play. Downtown, 1511 Sixth Ave.; 206.686.3593;

Photo by Leif Marshall

Stress Level: You can’t find a decent home for less than $800K

Rx: Release some endorphins after a three-minute, -220 Fahrenheit cryotherapy sesssion

Where to find it: At Arctic Glow Cryospa, an introductory session starts at $35. Downtown, 509 Olive Way, No. 807; 206.739.4964;

Photo by Calvin Seo

Stress Level: Did he really just tweet that?

Rx: Break a few things

Where to find it: In Rage Industry’s controlled demolition rooms, smash objects such as bottles, tables, even TVs with weapons like baseball bats and golf clubs. Sessions start at $30. Lake City, 13333 Lake City Way NE; 206.678.2133;


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