6 Small-Batch Coffee Roasters We Love

Small-batch coffee roasters take an artisanal approach to Seattle’s favorite beverage

In this coffee mecca, where you can’t throw a bag of Pike Place Roast without hitting a Starbucks, we’ve moved well beyond the third wave. The growing trend among Seattle’s coffee cognoscenti is roasting in small batches. What does that mean for your morning cup? Lighter, brighter roasts that preserve more of the bean’s natural,…

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What’s the best cold brew?

Anchorhead goes up against Stumptown and Starbucks

In case you haven’t noticed, cold brew coffee appears to be the drink of the season. And, before summer winds down, we thought it appropriate to do a taste test of the top Pacific Northwest premium cold brews…and perhaps pick a favorite. Keep in mind, this kind of beauty is definitely in the palate of…

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Coffee Genes

You may think reaching for that morning cup of coffee is a matter of taste and routine—but researchers say it could be your biology buzzing on caffeine.According to the Coffee and Caffeine Genetics Consortium study, published in Molecular Psychiatry, you may not be able to help your coffee habits. Researchers, which include two from Fred…

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Sunshine, Made to Order

!–paging_filter–pWith grayer days back upon us, keeping sleepy sluggishness and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) symptoms at bay is a priority for us in Seattle. Enter a href=”“Hotwire Coffeehouse’s/a new a href=”“Helios Bar/a, where your latte comes with a dose of sunshine. Owner Lora Swift set up light therapy panels at the café’s computer counter and…

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Food Event: Catch a “Bizarre Foods” Taping in Seattle and Get a Taste of “Black Gold”

Coffee heads take note: Seattle Coffee Works is serving up FREE samples of Columbia Cup of Excellenc

Coffee heads take note: Seattle Coffee Works is serving up FREE samples of Colombia Cup of Excellence–a coffee that typically goes for $100 a pound–this Friday at 1 p.m. Why pour the good stuff for free? It might have something to do with the fact that Andrew Zimmern, the wild and hungry TV personality–with a…

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Seattle Coffee Guide: The Iconic Shops

From Bauhaus to Zeitgeist, our picks for Seattle's iconic shops

Bauhaus Books & Coffee Capitol Hill, founded in 1993Beans: Lighthouse (exclusive house blend)Most popular drink: Americano Wi-Fi: FreeUsing the name Bauhaus demonstrates, to use a German term, cojones. Are you comparing yourself to history’s most famous design school, history’s most famous Goth band, or both? Bauhaus, the coffeehouse, is flirting with legendary status itself: As…

Brangien Davis, Sheila Mickool and Matthew Amster-Burton