Take a seat, waffle cone.

With so many apartment complexes competing for tenants, developers are getting creative when it comes to amenities. Here’s a closer look at what new residents can expect in a few buildings

12-year-old baker has already interned at Canlis. What have you done today?

The glue to any good neighborhood is, of course, its neighborhood bar. Green Lake has The Latona, Phinney Ridge has The Park Pub, South Park would be lost without Loretta's, and the epicenter of Columbia City is Lottie's.

I'm not calling these “foodie” events because I don't think you need to know the difference between celery and celeriac to enjoy most of them: just an enthusiasm for great cooking and eating, and in a couple of cases, helping out the local communi

Dave Harris’ sandwiches have been making people fat and happy for more than a decade, first at the Other Coast café, where he dreamed up the Rajun Cajun sandwich when he opened that stellar deli on Ballard Avenue in 1999.

 With the help of son Luis, Marta Vega realized her dream of cooking the Puerto Rican food her neighbors and family have loved for years.

Southenders (myself included) have had “sushi restaurant” on our wish lists for years.