Columbia City

This Hong Kong Street Food is Taking Over Seattle

The egg waffle has quickly become an obsession.

A year ago, you’d be hard-pressed to find an egg waffle—a Hong Kong street food snack, also called a bubble…

Chelsea Lin

Next-Level Apartment Amenities

With so many apartment complexes competing for tenants, developers are getting creative when it comes to amenities. “We are absolutely…

Seattle Mag

Seattle Renters on Skyrocketing Housing Costs: “You May Love Seattle, But It May Not Love You”

Rents keep going up and up. What are stressed-out Seattleites doing about it?

May Nguyen and Jon Lee, who rent an apartment in Othello, are finding that wage increases aren’t keeping pace with rent increases

Todd Matthews

Local Kid Chef Debuts on Food Network

12-year-old baker has already interned at Canlis. What have you done today?

Jason and Pete Intravartolo at Empire Espresso in Columbia City

Chelsea Lin

Orcas Landing Livens Up Hillman City

The glue to any good neighborhood is, of course, its neighborhood bar. Green Lake has The Latona, Phinney Ridge has…

Seattle Mag

Five Food Events You Don’t Want to Miss

Let Colin McCrate of Urban Farm Company be your rooftop garden guide.

I’m not calling these “foodie” events because I don’t think you need to know the difference between celery and celeriac…

Seattle Mag

Sandwiches at Chelsea Deli

Dave Harris brings scrumptious sandwiches to Columbia City.

Dave Harris’ sandwiches have been making people fat and happy for more than a decade, first at the Other Coast…

Seattle Mag

Restaurant Review: El Pilón

“Homespun” may have become a ubiquitous term, but at Marta Vega’s 5-month-old restaurant, El Pilón,

 With the help of son Luis, Marta Vega realized her dream of cooking the Puerto Rican food her neighbors and…

Seattle Mag

Wabi-Sabi Sushi Restaurant Review

Fresh food in a comfortable, neighborhood dining place.

Southenders (myself included) have had “sushi restaurant” on our wish lists for years. So when I heard Wabi-Sabi was the…

Seattle Mag

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