Looking at Gentrification in Seattle

How historic preservation is boosting diversity at a time of gentrification

Seattle’s Central District is a prime example of an area that’s experiencing extreme change

Knute Berger

Solutions to Help Small Businesses are a Start

But if your favorite old dive bar is currently struggling, well, drink up

Shocking news that the famous Carnegie Deli is closing in New York. In the late 1990s, when the Village Voice bought Seattle Weekly, my new boss, publisher David Schneiderman, took me to the Carnegie on the (accurate) assumption that a guy from Seattle named “Knute” had never had a real pastrami sandwich. I was polite…

Knute Berger

Once a Dime a Dozen, Homes with Views are Now More Valuable than Ever

The need to accelerate efforts to protect and expand public access to views is high

The Escala building in downtown Seattle

Knute Berger

8 Ways to Make Seattle Less Appealing

Some ideas for rebooting our defense mechanisms

I have argued that Seattle should deal with growth in two ways: more housing to increase the supply side, and making ourselves less appealing to reduce demand. Some critters in nature exude chemical to make them taste bad. A few species of tropical frogs are covered in a poisonous slime to make them untouchable, and…

Knute Berger

Growing Pains: Preserving Iconic Small Businesses

With rapid development in all corners of the city, how we can preserve the classic small businesses?

Seattle is undergoing unprecedented growth, at least in recent times. A Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) midyear report found there are currently 65 building projects under construction in the downtown core alone—even more by the time you read this. Projects are popping up at the rate of one per week. Many of us have stopped counting…

Knute Berger