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Flying Cars,  Driving in The Ocean

Flying Cars, Driving in The Ocean

Bruce Wanta’s imagination influences his love of cars

Bruce Wanta developed a knack for the mechanical from his family’s bike shop. He fell in love with cars because his father also presided over a driving school. At a very young age, Wanta had a list of distinctive vehicles he wanted to own. At the top was the Maserati Bora, a magnificent creation designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign. Wanta, though, had other things he wanted to accomplish.

A Need for Speed

A Need for Speed

Motorsports racing driver Dominic Dobson chases an audacious goal

Dominic Dobson is a skilled motorsports racer who was raised here in Seattle. Growing up with a father who was both an avid motorsports enthusiast as well as an engineer, Dobson’s slippery slope started with a Briggs & Stratton go-kart from Sears, which quickly led into a McCulloch Kart in the 1960s. Eventually, Dobson came…

The Perfect Hot-Rodding Porsche 912

The Perfect Hot-Rodding Porsche 912

Evan Griffin Christie calls the vehicle the "Best-steering car I've ever driven"

Evan Griffin Christie is no ordinary gentleman. He’s an old soul, a curator with a penchant for all things antique and special. In both his business dealings and his leisurely pursuits, he takes an approach that’s old world and yet timeless. Christie is usually decked out in his trusty vintage blue French chore coat, layered…

'A Different Kind of Horsepower'

‘A Different Kind of Horsepower’

Josie Rimmer grew up loving horses and became a world-champion equestrian. She now races cars

“I was an equestrian my whole life, but when my horse passed away and Covid hit, I found myself switching to a different kind of horsepower.” — JOSIE RIMMER Growing up in a very car-centric family, Josie Rimmer took a different path and devoted most of her life to riding horses — until recently. During…

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