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Disney Cruises to Embark from Seattle Starting May 28, 2012: Pro or Con?

Disney Cruises to Embark from Seattle Starting May 28, 2012: Pro or Con?

Family-friendly Seatle vacations just got a boost with the announcement of Disney Cruises departing

Just got word today that starting May 28, 2012, Disney Cruises will sail from Seattle to Alaska, making stops at Tracy Arm, Skagway (aren’t they they known for pie or something like that?), Juneau and Ketchikan as well as Victoria, B.C. We’ve never been on a Disney cruise (or any cruise for that matter, though…

Editor's Note: April 2011

Editor’s Note: April 2011

Making the list

Can you imagine your next trip to Italy without a nice bottle of Chianti Classico or Barolo? Not long after we wrapped up the blind tasting for our Washington Wine Awards last November, Seattle Weekly ran an article shining a light on a gap in the locavore food movement: For all the emphasis Seattle restaurants…

Editor's Note: Street Smarts

Editor’s Note: Street Smarts

Rachel Hart on Seattle's rich, vibrant neighborhoods, micro-neighborhoods and more.

Seattle is a city rich with vibrant neighborhoods, but what we are especially in love with lately are micro-neighborhoods, those pockets of a few blocks here and there that pop up, sporting a cute shop, a tasty bakery, a new eatery and maybe a wine shop, making you swell with pride—and hope that the real…

Best Personalized Gift for Kids Ever

Best Personalized Gift for Kids Ever

Stuck for a meaningful idea for what to get that special kid in your life this holiday season? Go ol

With the swirl of multiple magazine deadlines clomping around in my head this time of year, I barely have time to make a dent in my shopping list, but I had to pause and share my favorite kids’ gift of the year before it got too close to the holidays for you to order them….

Shopping: The Most Beautiful Soap Ever

Made in one of the top neighborhoods of 2009, these soaps are almost too pretty to use.

I am not in the camp of buying pretty soap only to have it set out and have it collect dust for years. Life is too short and as a result, luxe soaps have long been my little indulgences. So I just have to share this amazing soap that my son’s teacher from last year gave…

October 2010 Editor's Note: Hallowed Grounds

October 2010 Editor’s Note: Hallowed Grounds

Rachel Hart gives you a peek at our October 2010 issue

This past summer, I had two distinct only-in-Seattle moments. The first was at Carkeek Park when I saw a bunch of kids at a birthday party engaged in a sack race. When I looked a little closer, I realized they were hopping around in big, floppy burlap coffee-bean bags. A couple of months later, during…

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