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Young Seattle Philanthropists Speak Out

Young Seattle Philanthropists Speak Out

At United Way of King County's Emerging Leaders 365 program, philanthropy is about more than just writing checks

At the young age of 34, Tiffany Go already considers herself a philanthropist — though her broad definition of the word may surprise those in the “I gave at the office” generation. For Go, a health equity program manager at Seattle’s world-renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, philanthropy  is much more than blindly giving money. It’s…

Cancer Research: Trials & Triumph

Cancer Research: Trials & Triumph

For Dr. Nancy Davidson, the fight against cancer is personal

Dr. Nancy Davidson spent more than 30 years as an oncologist before cancer truly hit close to home. In 2011, Davidson’s active, nonsmoking, 53-year-old sister, Leslie Davidson, received a diagnosis of non-small-cell carcinoma of the lungs. Two weeks later, Leslie was dead. “I seldom talk about it, but I’ve gotten better about it over the…

Reading Seattle's ‘The Rocket’

Reading Seattle’s ‘The Rocket’

A soaring journey through the early history of Seattle’s legendary magazine of music and culture

Shortly before Nirvana released its epic album “Nevermind,” a publicist for Geffen Records asked the band members how they might define the album’s success. Their answer? An appearance on the cover of “The Rocket.” It was a dream shared by many local bands. If you lived in Seattle during the 1980s and 1990s, you probably…

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