Hook a trout from a mountain stream and you’ve just bagged one of the forager’s biggest prizes.

Recipe of the Week: French onion galette with truffle apple salad.

Recipe of the Week: Ciudad's Baked Kofta With Sauces.

Whip up this salad from a Seattle institution while Washington asparagus is still in season.

Recipe of the Week: Volunteer Park Cafe's crispy Brussels spouts with pancetta.

The sweet and nutty saskatoon is having something of a moment.

Recipe of the Week: Fuel up before hitting the gym with this Washington Athletic Club favorite.

It's no secret we love to eat and drink here at Seattle magazine. It was our love of food, in fact, that motivated our visit to the Blue Ribbon Cooking School on Friday, March 10 when we were invited for a team-building cooking class on the house (how could we say no?)

This week's recipe comes from executive chef Shawn Applin, who last week opened Outlier, the new Hotel Monaco restaurant formerly known as Sazerac